We are an easy to use, fully customized digital menu for restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars with great user experience and clean refreshing design running on Apple iPad. Spectu presents classical menu in new engaging way with instant ordering and calling service. Spectu could be connected locally to point of sale system or straight to a printers with web-based content editing application Spectu CMS. For busy places Spectu offers a unique table installation for touch devices which is protected by durable Spectu glass.

Spectu company was launched in 2011 and by September the same year the beta version of Spectu was deployed and installed in the first restaurant located in Prague. In 2012 company received investment which helped to consolidate business plan and drive growth and expansion. In 2013 Spectu was acquired by the czech-market point of sale developer leader ASW Systems. By this time Spectu runs in restaurants located in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada and Russia and still counting.