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Your Landing Page (Still) Sucks in 2018

The Landing Page. Yes, in 2018, this is still an important part of your arsenal of marketing skills as a startup. That’s why at StartupYard, I still do a full-on workshop on just this topic, and why with every startup we accelerate, we drill these basic themes over and over again. Why? Because the ability […]

Is The Startup Pitch Session Dead?

As the most recent startup conference season has gotten rolling, I’ve been on the road to different cities in the CEE region. Warsaw, Kiev, Budapest, and soon Gdansk and Vilnius among others. Certainly there are more startup conferences than there ever were in the past, so we’ve become increasingly choosy about which ones we attend. […]

Peter Cowley: How to Talk to Angels

Recently I got an email from my friend Peter Cowley, director of the UK Business Angel Association and the Cambridge Angels. Peter has been in tech for nearly 40 years, starting over 10 companies. In 2014-15 he was named UK Angel of the year for his investments in early stage companies. So when he writes […]

The Worst Term Sheet We’ve Ever Seen

Last week we talked about what makes a startup investor “Founder Friendly.” While that’s important to know, it won’t help startups much if they aren’t aware of what the opposite case looks like: when is a term sheet definitively unfriendly to founders? With this in mind, we polled a collection of investors and lawyers who […]

An Investor Deck Isn’t a Pitch

You know that pitching is one cornerstone of building a startup. It’s an art form: condensing your business and your story into something people can understand, and remember, in just minutes. While most startups are familiar with the idea, and some can present well, delivering a really standout pitch remains a high bar of achievement […]