batch 7

The following startups are currently looking for investments and are ready to discuss further. Slide decks are available on request.

Feedpresso, Startupyard

Feedpresso is a mobile app that uses machine learning to automatically provide the most relevant content and news from the web. It works in all European languages and is present in 4 countries already. The app provides amazing UX and users love it – the retention is 60% after a month, and double the engagement compared to non-personalised solutions. 1% of users are paying already on Android (to remove adverts). A new version for iOS, Web and Android is going to be launched soon which will include a more sophisticated monetisation strategy.

Chatler, Startupyard

Chatler is for chat centers where managing personal customer care at scale is a one of the greatest challenges.
Chatler augments the productivity of human chat agents, by combining machine learning based technologies with human emotional intelligence.
Unlike fully automated chatbots, Chatler speeds up the response time of human chat agents by recommending best performing response options based on chat history. The control remains with humans, AI only enhances them.
The product is now in prototype phase, and some well known international brands (e.g. Coca-Cola) are already among the first alpha testers.
The team behind Chatler has a well balanced mix of coding and data experts, product visionary, and business professionals.

Cryptelo provides world-class, security-first data transfer, collaboration, versioning, and storage services. Using Cryptelo, organizations that must collaborate on sensitive data can enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use cloud or onsite storage and collaboration tools, in a completely secure environment that no 3rd party can access. Solution is ready to use in the cloud and on-premise, so it suits the needs of enterprise companies. Cryptelo was designed by one of the world’s leading cryptographer Dr. Vlastimil Klíma and developed by a team with knowledge based on 40 years experience in enterprise software engineering. We verified market fit for accountants and have a great feedback. We are currently in negotiation with a bank and an insurance company. We also preparing a pilot with a mobile operator.

Ouibring is on a mission to change the way people shop and travel. And we’re making people happy while we do it! Ouibring connects shoppers who need help sourcing hard to find products and travellers with spare luggage capacity to create a win win situation.Unlike our competitors Airfrov and Grabr, we have the lowest fees, best international network and best local knowledge.
Our current core market is the route to/from Europe and Asia with a focus on 100K expats, travellers and affluent locals in Bangkok and Europe.
We already have more than 42K Facebook fans, 100s of signed up customers and currently average around 1 completed bring per day with average value around $50USD.
Our business model is based on a small transaction fee for escrow payment, revenue from additional value added services including last mile delivery working with local partners, and commission from third party suppliers who pay to feature their products on site.
Moving fast is key for succeeding in this business. We are keen to discuss with interested investors to drive rapid growth in Asia and enable expansion into Africa.

Beeem enables brick-and-mortar businesses to connect with and sell to their customers directly on their smartphones, with lightning fast custom web apps powered by cutting edge beacon technology. Using Beeem, a retailer or venue can attach a web site to any physical object to create a rich online experience in minutes for e-commerce, marketing, retargeting, and more. Beeem makes content instantly available on any smartphone nearby, without QR codes or app installations, with a single swipe.
The service is in a public beta with the first paying customers and some big brand trial partnerships already established.
The team has has close to 50 years of experience in building up companies, owning successful software products and managing businesses.

Decissio utilizes artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to help venture capital, private equity and business accelerators make better investment decisions, faster.
Its intuitive to use interface helps investment firms onboard their portfolio companies easily. It allows analyst teams to make collaborative decisions, run due diligence processes while in the background algorithms are learning. The compounded knowledge gathered from successful investments is then used as decision support when making new decisions. Finally, funds can directly connect their KPI’s to the progress of the firm. In this way they receive real time updates on their investment’s overall traction.
Decissio was born out of discussion with more than 20 VC’s worldwide. Our team consists of MBA’s, data scientists, UI/UX Experts and investment analysts. We have currently signed up three diverse clients to run pilots with us.
We are looking for brave investors to interview, pilot and grow together!