Introducing Our New Monthly Meetup: Tech Founders

We’re pleased to announce that StartupYard will host a monthly Meetup event, for founding team members of tech companies.

The meetup is simply titled: Tech Founders. It will give company founders a chance to connect with others who have faced, or are now facing, the same issues in business, in life, and as leaders at work.

Many of the initial members are our alumni, but the meetup is open to any tech founder, in any corner of the tech industry, big or small.

What is the Tech Founders Meetup?

We aren’t 100% sure yet what the group will bring its members. But we are sure there is no group quite like it in Prague.

This meetup is unlike meetups that focus on technical issues, or specific subject areas like Growth Hacking, or Machine Learning, or IoT. Instead, there will be no strict agenda, other than simply a place for tech founders to meet and discuss anything that comes up.

From the description on

Are you a tech startup founder, or thinking about becoming one? You aren’t alone. Sometimes, other founders are the only ones who understand what drives you, the problems you’re facing, and what you’ll need to get past your latest challenge.

That’s what this Monthly Meetup is all about. Have a drink and a chat with other tech founders, exchange ideas, give advice, and get to know each other in a relaxed setting. Build relationships with your fellow founders, and don’t go it alone. Each month, we’ll choose a different local venue (depending on the weather), for a free-form meet-up open to all tech founders, and future tech founders. This meetup is organized by StartupYard Accelerator in Prague.

How to Join

  1. Are you a tech founder? If not, this isn’t the group for you.
  2. Sign up for It’s fun, and it’s free.
  3. Join our Meetup 
  4. Come to our next scheduled event, and introduce yourself.


What to Expect

This meetup will not have a strict agenda. We will only ask those who come to quickly introduce themselves to others, and say very briefly what their company does, what their role as founder is, and what problems they are currently facing. Problems can be anything from personal to professional, to philosophical. Anything another founder might empathize with, and possibly help with, is worth bringing up.

What Not to Expect

The meetup will not be an explicit promotional platform for StartupYard, or for any of our partners, or members of the group. We might, in the future, invite non-founders as special guests for some meetups (such as important members of the business community), but there will not be keynote speakers or other formalities involved.

If we decide in the future to cooperate with event sponsors, we will be transparent about this in advance.

There will be no formal pitching, and no informational sessions or other organized activities at the events. We’ll simply meet and discuss, as individuals or in groups, whatever is on the minds of whomever attends. We’ll keep it simple.