3 Months of Growth

What you will learn

Our goal is to help you turn your idea into a product investors will love, and users will pay for, and then turn this product into a viable business.

Financial Documentation

Learn how to write a great business plan and create realistic financial projections investors will agree to.


Our presentation coach will help you deliver your pitch and present at conferences. You’ll receive Media Training to help you dial-in your message for the right audience.

Monetisation Strategies

It all starts with the first Euro or Dollar you will earn. Monetisation strategies vary from product to product, and we will help you find the ones that work best for you. Your product is unique: your strategy will be too.

Market/Product Fit

If you have no market you have no product. We follow the Lean Methodology to help you quickly identify your key customers and what problem you are solving for them.

What we offer

We are only as successful as our startups are. That’s why we pour all our resources into them. Everything we have is for you to use.

Professional Blogger

Good communication is just as important as a good product. Each team has access to a native English tech writer/copywriter who will edit their content and blog for them.

€40,000 via a convertible note

In exchange for participating in the program, StartupYard receives 10% of the capital of the  startup.

We will incorporate the new companies in Delaware, USA, England or The Czech Republic.

Access to a Large Network

StartupYard and its partners are connected to the most prestigious companies and individuals making the Internet industry. You won’t go unnoticed if you have built a killer product and are ready to prove it.

Code Review

There’s nothing more valuable for you as a developer than to have your code reviewed by an experienced programmer. You’ll have the chance to ask some very experienced coders to look at your source, and help you optimize.

Thanks to our membership in the Global Accelerator Network, our teams connect with hundreds of start-ups around the globe, and take advantage of huge perks worth more than €1,000,000 from a wide range of companies including