Frequently Asked Questions about StartupYard

Here are some of the typical questions candidates ask us. Check them out.
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How much experience do you have as an accelerator?

StartupYard was founded in 2011, and has accelerated over 50 startups. 5 have been acquired, and 17 have raised additional capital. StartupYard is best known for accelerating companies such as DameJidlo, BrandEmbassy,, NeuronSoundware, BudgetBakers, and TeskaLabs.

What type of project are you looking for?

StartupYard looks for talented, dedicated entrepreneurs with global ambition, who are working on the cutting edge of new technologies, most often in the fields of Security, Trust, Predictions, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and Mobile. Each cohort of startups is focused on a particular aspect of the tech industry, however StartupYard considers applications that are peripherally related to these fields.

How many companies do you accept per round?

We have accepted as few as 6 and as many as 9. StartupYard only works with startups that we believe have a real potential for widespread growth and global adoption.

Can I apply even if I don’t have a prototype yet?

Yes you can. We are interested in people who have the capability and the ambition to deliver and build global solutions.

What type of commitment do you require?

StartupYard’s official program lasts 3 months, during which time the core team of your startup will be resident in Prague. We look for startups that will benefit most from cooperation with StartupYard, so ongoing support and assistance should become a natural extension of our relationship over time.

StartupYard is a mentor driven accelerator. Deep and valuable mentorship can only happen in person, on an intensive day-by-day basis over a period of time. An in person commitment is essential to this process.

What do you mean by mentor driven?

Money can’t buy you time but mentors can save you time. During the first month, you will go through intense mentoring sessions with industry experts from many different businesses, including a host of c-level executives from leading tech companies, as well as successful business founders.

When does the program take place?

We accelerate up to 2 rounds of startups each year- every 6 to 9 months. Check our apply page for the next available open call.

Will we receive training?

It depends what you mean by training. We’re not a school, and we won’t teach you how to code, but we will organize extensive workshops and on-to-one sessions with experts on specific topics like financial projections, growth hacking, media training, pitching, etc.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No. Participation in StartupYard is free of charge. We take however a 5% participation in the capital of each start-up participating in the program.

Do you invest in start-ups?

Teams that are selected can receive, if they want, a €30,000 investment in exchange for 5% of equity of the start-up.

I’m a single founder. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. Except in the rarest of circumstances, we do not accept solo founders.

We don’t have any programming skills in our team. Can we still apply?

Non-technical teams can apply to StartupYard, and will have to quickly find a way to build their product.

I’m not located in Prague. Do I have to be physically present on-site?

Yes, for 3 months you will have to be with us in our great open-space in Node5.

Can I apply even if I am not from Europe?

Yes you can but be aware that you will require a Visa to stay and work in Prague for 3 months.

We have already raised money from friends/family or business angels. Can we still apply?

Yes you can.