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What Alumni Say About StartupYard:

“StartupYard was a super­ important turning point in the journey of TeskaLabs and in my life. Simply put, there would be no TeskaLabs without StartupYard.”

Ales TeskaFounder and CEO, TeskaLabs

“Building a company from nothing is a great undertaking in life. And I am so glad now that we didn’t choose to do it alone. StartupYard has been with us 100% along the way.”

Mergim CahaniFounder and CEO, Gjirafa.com

“It surprised us how eager the core StartupYard team was to help with their experience and feedback, they really became an important part of Rossum’s story.”

Tomas GogarCo-Founder, Rossum

“It’s not about dreams, it’s about vision. StartupYard helped us to find a path– a way to make our vision a reality.”

Pavel KonecnyFounder and CEO, Neuron Soundware

“3 months at StartupYard is like 3 years in normal time. We transformed as a company in a way I didn’t expect.”

Jan MullerFounder, BudgetBakers

“I knew that StartupYard’s network of mentors is extensive, but it actually exceeded my expectations. Virtually everyone relevant for any business in this region is in the +1 network of StartupYard’s mentors.”

Petr BorosFounder, Retino

“Simply put, one of the best accelerator programs in Europe for high tech startups.”

Patrick RileyCEO, Gan Ventures