Meet AstraKode Blockchain: A Visual Editor for Process Data Tracing

Today we sat down with Fabianno Izzo, co-founder and CEO of AstraKode to talk more about what they do and his plans for the future.

Hi Fabiano, tell us a bit about your personal journey towards founding AstraKode. How did you get here?

AstraKode – Founders Team

It all began with Lucio, Damiano, and myself at a previous startup, where we all realized the potential of blockchain technology. Initially drawn to its broad applications, we soon saw a particular need for it in improving processes like transparency and reliability within various industries. This realization led us to refine our focus, moving from general blockchain enthusiasm to creating specific, impactful solutions through AstraKode.

What prompted you to start developing AstraKode?

Our decision to develop AstraKode emerged from observing the challenges businesses faced with blockchain technology—its complexity and the specialized knowledge required for its implementation. We saw an essential opportunity to simplify this technology, making it more accessible, especially for enhancing accountability and traceability in industries like supply chains and the circular economy. With AstraKode, launched in June 2021, we aimed to break down these barriers, offering a low-code platform that brings the benefits of blockchain into practical, easy-to-adopt solutions.

Who is AstraKode for and what problem are you solving?

AstraKode is tailored for businesses in supply chain and circular economy sectors seeking to enhance traceability and accountability in their processes without the complexity typically associated with technology projects. We provide a solution that simplifies the creation of traceable, accountable systems, focusing on the practical application of technology to solve industry-specific challenges.

With the AstraKode Blockchain (AKB) platform and its Pre-Built Solutions, businesses can quickly develop applications that monitor and verify the flow of goods and information, facilitating improved decision-making and enhancing trust among stakeholders. Our low-code approach means that you don’t need to be a tech expert to implement these solutions. Instead, you can focus on your core business needs while our platform handles the complexity of technology.

AstraKode Blockchain – Pre-Built Solutions

In industries such as agri-food, this translates to better visibility into the safety and journey of food products, enhancing consumer trust. In circular supply chains, it means greater accountability in recycling and reuse practices, supporting environmental goals and compliance with sustainability standards.

How big is the team and why are they a good match for this project?

At AstraKode, our dynamic team of 14 members is our greatest asset, representing a blend of diverse backgrounds united by a shared mission. This team has been instrumental in growing our presence in Europe and North America.

Our technical team includes six blockchain developers who are experts in their field, driving the core technological advancements of our platform. Their in-depth knowledge is crucial for delivering secure, innovative blockchain solutions.

The business team, comprising six individuals, plays a vital role in aligning our products with market needs and customer expectations, driving our growth and strategic direction.

Additionally, we have two skilled front-end developers who ensure our platform is user-friendly, making our sophisticated, low-code solutions accessible to a broad audience.

We as founders, on the other hand, have more than 15 years of experience in developing enterprise software solutions.

What got you interested in working on blockchain?

My curiosity was piqued by Satoshi Nakamoto’s groundbreaking white paper. The innovative ideas within that text revealed the transformative potential of blockchain across various aspects of life and business, igniting my dedication to this field.

Currently, our efforts are geared towards leveraging blockchain to solve real-world problems, including, but not limited to, those related to sustainability. We’re collaborating on a Circular Economy project to craft a blockchain solution designed to bolster the security, transparency, and dependability of ESG standard compliance. This venture aims to employ this avant-garde technology in practical scenarios, thereby ensuring more reliable adherence to sustainability measures and fostering more sustainable business methodologies.

What do you think is the biggest problem right now in the ESG market, and how does AstraKode help solve that issue?

One of the biggest problems in the ESG market right now is the lack of transparency and verifiability. Many stakeholders find it challenging to trust the ESG claims made by companies due to the absence of standardized, reliable, and easily accessible data. This lack of trust undermines the effectiveness of ESG initiatives and can deter investment and stakeholder engagement in sustainability-focused activities.

AstraKode addresses this critical issue by leveraging its low-code platform to enhance transparency and accountability within ESG reporting and compliance. Our platform enables organizations to create solutions that accurately track, manage, and report on ESG metrics in real-time. By providing a transparent and verifiable record of a company’s ESG activities, AstraKode helps establish trust among investors, regulators, and the public, thereby facilitating more informed decision-making and fostering a genuine commitment to sustainability practices.

What are you trying to accomplish with AstraKode that you think no other platform has been able or willing to do?

With AstraKode, we aim to democratize the use of advanced technology solutions, particularly in enhancing traceability and accountability within key sectors like supply chain and circular economy. While there are other platforms available, we believe AstraKode uniquely combines the power of blockchain technology with a user-friendly, low-code approach. This combination is not merely about simplifying technology; it’s about making it accessible and applicable for any business, regardless of its size or the technical expertise of its staff.

Our focus is on empowering businesses to create customized solutions that address their specific needs without being constrained by the complexities of the technology itself. AstraKode’s platform facilitates rapid development and deployment, allowing businesses to swiftly respond to market changes, regulatory demands, and internal innovation goals.

Moreover, we’re not just offering a tool but a platform that fosters innovation within industries that are crucial for a sustainable future. By providing a straightforward way to implement traceability and accountability, AstraKode is positioned to make a significant impact in areas where it’s needed most, setting a new standard for how technology can support ethical and sustainable business practices.

Can you tell us a bit more about how your technology really works? How unique is your solution?

Certainly! AstraKode Blockchain (AKB) is engineered to streamline the process of developing blockchain-based applications, making it accessible for businesses without requiring them to have in-depth coding expertise. Here’s how our technology stands out and functions to provide a unique solution:

    • Visual Development Environment: AstraKode’s Visual Development Environment combines the user-friendly Network Composer with the Smart Contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to streamline blockchain network and smart contract development. The Network Composer, with its intuitive visual interface based on Hyperledger Fabric, allows individuals of any technical level to design, validate, and deploy private blockchain networks tailored for privacy and enterprise needs. Complementing this, the Smart Contract IDE offers an accessible platform for creating, testing, and validating smart contracts essential for blockchain applications, supporting Hyperledger Fabric and Solidity. Together, these tools democratize blockchain development, making it accessible and manageable for a broader audience.

AstraKode Blockchain – Visual Development Environment

  • Pre-Built Solutions: Understanding the importance of rapid deployment in the dynamic blockchain landscape, AstraKode introduces Pre-Built Solutions, which are template-based projects tailored to accelerate the development process. These solutions are specifically designed with a focus on supply chain traceability, transparency, the circular economy, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. They aim to address the growing demand for sustainable and ethical business practices, offering a foundation that can be customized to align with the unique requirements of any business. This approach not only significantly reduces development time and costs but also ensures that organizations can quickly adapt to and lead in sustainable business practices.
  • Assisted Testing and Deployment: To ensure reliability and ease of use, AstraKode provides an assisted testing and deployment framework. Users can test their blockchain solutions in a dedicated cloud environment before deploying them either to their chosen cloud service provider or a compatible EVM blockchain. This process ensures that the transition from development to live deployment is smooth and error-free.

AstraKode Blockchain – Assisted Testing and Deployment

What makes AstraKode truly unique is how these components come together to offer a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that democratizes the development of blockchain solutions. By reducing complexity, accelerating development time, and ensuring flexibility and security, AstraKode empowers businesses to leverage blockchain technology in a way that aligns with their strategic goals, without the traditional barriers.

It sounds like any industry could use a solution like yours. How much of a problem is that for a small start-up? Are you able to focus on one segment or are you serving anyone who comes through your door?

While it’s true that our platform, AstraKode, has the versatility to serve various industries, we understand the importance of focus, especially as a start-up. Our approach has been to specialize in sectors where we see the most significant impact and demand for our technology—specifically, supply chain and circular economy sectors. This focus allows us to tailor our prebuilt solutions more effectively, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within these areas.

That being said, we do not turn away businesses from other sectors interested in leveraging our technology. Our platform’s design accommodates a broad range of applications, enabling us to serve a diverse clientele. However, our primary resources and development efforts are channeled toward our core industry segments to ensure we offer the most value and expertise where it counts.

By concentrating on specific sectors, we can deepen our market penetration and refine our offerings, while still maintaining the flexibility to expand and adapt as new opportunities arise.

Is AstraKode available now? What do people need to get started with your service?

Yes, AstraKode is currently available and ready for users to experience its powerful features. To get started, interested individuals or organizations can easily create a free account through our freemium model. This access allows them to explore the main functionalities of our platform and understand how it can benefit their business or project. To sign up, simply visit and follow the registration process.

Once registered, users can take advantage of our freemium perimeter, which is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to what AstraKode can offer. For those who find value in our platform and wish to access more advanced features and capabilities, we offer two premium plans:

  • DEV Plan: This plan is tailored for ambitious professionals who are seeking deeper engagement with the platform’s capabilities and wish to leverage more advanced tools for their development work.
  • Enterprise Plan: Geared towards growing businesses, the Enterprise plan offers extensive support and features that are ideal for organizations looking to scale their blockchain solutions and integrate them seamlessly into their operations.

Both premium plans are structured to cater to the varying needs of our users, ensuring that whether you’re an individual developer or a larger enterprise, AstraKode has the right tools and resources to support your blockchain development journey.

What do you hope AstraKode is going to be in 5 years, as a business, or as a technology. What would be your ideal scenario?

In five years, my vision for AstraKode is to be at the pinnacle of the enterprise blockchain sector, heralded as a vanguard in harnessing the power of blockchain technology through our flagship AstraKode Blockchain Platform. This platform will be pivotal in revolutionizing supply chain management, elevating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, and advancing the principles of the circular economy. Our goal is for AstraKode to not only lead in technological innovation but also in its practical application, creating significant, positive changes in how businesses operate and champion sustainable and ethical practices.

As a business, AstraKode, powered by its flagship blockchain platform, will be emblematic of excellence in the blockchain realm, renowned for delivering avant-garde solutions that bolster efficiency, transparency, and accountability in enterprise operations. This vision includes a comprehensive portfolio of successful case studies across a spectrum of industries, underscoring the adaptability and potency of the AstraKode Blockchain Platform in addressing intricate challenges.

In this ideal future, AstraKode’s influence extends beyond business success; it plays a crucial role in setting industry standards, influencing policy, and fostering a culture of innovation and responsibility. Through its efforts, AstraKode would be instrumental in demonstrating the transformative power of blockchain, making it an indispensable tool for businesses

What was the most valuable advice you got during the StartupYard program? Why was it so helpful for you?

The most valuable advice I received during the StartupYard program came at the critical product-market fit stage, a juncture renowned for its delicacy and potential for making or breaking a startup. The guidance was instrumental in raising our overall awareness on numerous fronts, particularly in refining our marketing narrative, enhancing our sales strategies, and facilitating engagements with a diverse array of professionals. This stage, being pivotal for aligning our product with market demands, required a deep understanding of customer needs and market dynamics. The advice we got was precious because it helped us navigate this complex phase with a more informed and strategic approach, ensuring that our decisions were grounded in solid market insights and best practices in customer engagement. This, in turn, significantly contributed to our ability to position our offering more effectively in the market and communicate its value proposition more compellingly, laying a strong foundation for sustainable growth and success.