StartupYard Launches Its 14th Acceleration Batch

Are you a visionary founder with a groundbreaking idea in need of nurturing and support? We have been accelerating startups since 2011 by giving them instant access to new customers, partners and investors. 

Today we are excited to announce our 14th Acceleration Batch, your gateway to becoming a part of Central and Eastern Europe’s longest-running startup accelerator. Known for transforming early-stage companies into market leaders, we are ready to help you unleash your potential. This new batch offers unique opportunities tailored to innovative entrepreneurs eager to make significant impacts in their industries.

What is StartupYard?

StartupYard is more than just an accelerator; it’s a crucial hub for early-stage founders looking to make a significant impact. Founded in 2011, StartupYard was recently recognised as a leader in the European startup ecosystem by the Financial Times.

StartupYard is a 3 month, fully-remote mentorship based program for early to seed-stage companies. We focus on providing intensive mentoring, unparalleled access to industry experts, and the necessary tools to grow and scale innovative technologies. By joining StartupYard, you will not only gain financial backing but also valuable insights into product development, market fit, and consumer engagement, ensuring you are well-prepared to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic market environments. So far our startups have raised over €105m (and growing).

Key Benefits of Joining the 14th Acceleration Batch

Participating in StartupYard offers a multitude of benefits that can catapult your startup to the next level. Members of this batch will gain:

  • Direct Mentorship: Access to one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry veterans and experts who provide guidance tailored to your specific needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a vast network of tech professionals, potential investors, and fellow entrepreneurs within the CEE tech ecosystem.
  • Investor Introductions: StartupYard’s extensive network includes connections to some of the top investors in Europe, offering potential funding opportunities to scale your operations.
  • Individual Workshops and Training: Regular workshops focusing on various aspects of business development, including pitch training, financial modelling, and marketing strategies amongst others.
  • Visibility: Increased exposure through StartupYard’s media channels and public events, raising your startup’s profile among potential customers and investors.

These benefits are designed to equip you with the skills and resources needed to succeed and make a profound impact in your industry.

Building a company from nothing is a great undertaking in life. And I am so glad now that we didn’t choose to do it alone. StartupYard has become a vital part of our DNA, and has been with us 100% along the way. Thanks guys!Mergim Cahani CEO, Gjirafa, StartupYard Alum

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for founders that demonstrate a clear vision and the potential to disrupt traditional industries with innovative technology. Ideal candidates for our 14th batch should meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on Deep-Tech: Startups working on technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous agents, cyber-security, augmented reality, etc.
  • Scalability Potential: Projects that have the potential to scale globally and transform industries.
  • Dedicated Team: Founders and teams who are fully committed to their business, demonstrating passion and the ability to execute their vision.
  • Early Stage: Ideally, startups should be at an early stage but have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) or have a prototype ready to be accelerated.

Startups that align with these criteria are likely to benefit the most from our acceleration program, leveraging our resources to achieve rapid growth and market penetration.

What you get:

  • Vetted business development connections in your sector
  • €20k as a simple convertible note with the option for higher investment*
  • Customer acquisition and monetisation strategy review
  • Battlefield tested business and financial spreadsheet model for the next 3 years
  • Improved website presence and online strategy
  • Validated investors deck
  • Personal introductions to business angels and VCs
  • Clear and simple elevator’s pitch
  • Effective 5 minutes startup pitch for conferences
  • €1m in perks and benefits
  • Access to StartupYard’s international deep network of mentors, partners and investors
  • Legal support
  • On-going support after the program as a StartupYard portfolio company
  • And a lot more.

Looking Back at Batch 13

For our previous batch we received over 330 applications from 72 countries. Czechia, our home country, saw the largest number of applications (51) followed by the US (24), UK (22) and India (20). The top categories the startups were operating in were Productivity (64), e-commerce (41), Media (34) and cyber-security (16).

At the end we selected 6 startups from Czechia (4), Norway (1) and Sweden (1): Wiselli, Puulse, Pixop, Inguro, FeedYou and HeroContent.

These 6 startups have already raised over €2m.

As you can see from the data, we are extremely selective since less than 2% of the startups that applied made it to the program. Our philosophy is not to run batches with tens of startups. We pride ourselves at providing a custom and highly personalised program that does not scale because we prefer to spend more time with fewer founders than the opposite.

How to Apply

To apply to StartupYard simply go to our Apply page, select the program you are applying for. If you already have a deck, you can then just upload it for us to review. If you do not have a deck, you just need to answer a few simple questions.

If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Question page or contact us.