Meet Wiselli: The Future of Direct Marketing

Today we sat down with Petr Matoušek, co-founder and CEO of Wiselli to talk more about what they do and his plans for the future.

Petr Matoušek – Wiselli Co-founder

Hi Petr, tell us a bit about your personal journey towards founding Wiselli. How did you get here?

My journey to founding Wiselli has been a blend of experiences in programming and marketing, where I developed marketing strategies for market leaders. Since my university days, my goal has been to create a global startup. Post-studies, I immersed myself in gaining invaluable insights at leading Czech digital agencies. This period was pivotal in shaping my skills in both technology and market strategy. It provided me with a deep understanding of the digital world and the evolving needs of businesses in this space. These experiences were instrumental in formulating the vision for Wiselli, guiding me towards creating a platform that not only leverages cutting-edge technology but also offers practical, market-driven solutions. Wiselli is the realization of this vision, aimed at making a meaningful impact on a global scale, combining the technical expertise and strategic insights I’ve garnered over the years.

Who is Wiselli for and what problem are you solving?

Wiselli, currently tailored for high-traffic sectors like e-commerce, banking, financial services, and telecommunications, provides innovative solutions for marketing directors but also for digital agencies managing direct digital campaigns for companies. Our platform uses advanced self-learning algorithms to adapt communication strategies in real-time, enhancing campaign effectiveness and significantly boosting performance. While focusing on high-traffic companies, we are also preparing to extend our services to websites with smaller traffic volumes, broadening our reach and simplifying digital marketing challenges in today’s dynamic online environment.

You are not the first startup to try solving this problem and there are already available proven solutions. Why should a company look at Wiselli?

While it’s true that we aren’t the first to tackle digital marketing challenges, Wiselli stands out with its focused approach. We specialize in analyzing and processing data in marketing campaigns and on websites, different from competitors who aim for broader solutions. Unlike traditional methods that primarily rely on A/B testing, Wiselli differentiates itself by evaluating hundreds of contexts and adaptively managing the entire communication process. This allows for a more nuanced understanding and dynamic adjustment of strategies. Our unique algorithms handle a broader array of contexts, offering deeper insights and more effective strategies. Also, we focus on easy integration with tools like CDP, CMS, or CRM systems, providing seamless enhancement without the complexity of a whole new system.

How big is the team and why are they a good match for this project?

Our team at Wiselli is compact yet highly specialized, making it a perfect match for this project. The core of our team consists of myself, focusing on marketing and business aspects, and two technical co-founders who are dedicated to development. In addition to this core group, we have several part-time colleagues assisting with development, sales and marketing. Our team’s strength lies in our history of working together for several years and our extensive experience in the field. This familiarity and expertise make development more streamlined and efficient, allowing us to work cohesively towards our common goals.

What are you trying to accomplish with Wiselli that you think no other platform has been able or willing to do?

At Wiselli, our core objective is to revolutionize content generation for marketing campaigns with precise contextual analytics and Generative AI. This approach, grounded in deep strategy and timing insights, produces content far more effective than traditional methods. We have validated our approach with several successful Proof of Concept (POC) projects, resulting in significant increases in conversion rates and revenue, often in the higher single digits across entire websites. In some cases, our reevaluation of the communication model led to campaign performance boosts in the tens of percentages. These achievements highlight our capability to substantially improve marketing outcomes, demonstrating the power of our innovative methods.

Wiselli App Sample Dashboard

Can you tell us a bit more about how your technology really works? How unique is your solution?

Wiselli leverages the best of self-learning and machine learning algorithms, all meticulously tested by our team. This allows for the real-time evaluation of data across dozens of contexts. What makes our solution unique is its direct integration with platforms where communication scenarios are created, enabling Wiselli to instantly respond and adapt communication strategies. Additionally, we utilize computational power from tech giants like Microsoft and Google, equipping us to handle even the largest websites efficiently. This blend of advanced algorithms, real-time adaptability, and robust computational support sets Wiselli apart in the realm of digital marketing technology.

What have been your team’s biggest personal or professional challenges in making this project a reality?

One of the biggest challenges for our team has been the creation of our entirely unique algorithms, capable of enhancing campaign performance across various industries. Another significant hurdle was ensuring that Wiselli could be easily integrated as a plug-and-play service. We wanted it to be straightforward for our clients to start deriving benefits from Wiselli without needing substantial investments in integration. Overcoming these challenges involved not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the diverse needs of different sectors and the importance of ease of use for our customers.

Is Wiselli available now? What do people need to get started with your service?

Our solution is now available for companies that use their websites for product sales. If they already have a platform for managing campaigns, integrating Wiselli is very straightforward. Wiselli takes the reins in deciding what actions to take within the platform, achieving almost immediate results. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their online presence and sales strategies efficiently.

What do you hope that Wiselli will be able to do for its users in the next few years that they can’t do now?

In the next few years, we aspire for Wiselli to become a key player in content generation for websites and digital marketing campaigns. Our goal is to make Wiselli an integral part of the diverse web solutions that companies utilize to market and sell their products and services. By advancing our technology and adapting to the evolving digital landscape, we aim to offer unparalleled content solutions. This includes expanding our reach to serve various industries, positioning Wiselli at the forefront of innovative and effective digital marketing strategies.

Has there been a major surprise for you since joining the StartupYard program? Did you learn something you weren’t expecting?

Joining the StartupYard program has been an eye-opener for us in many ways. One of the biggest surprises was the extent of the collaborative ecosystem and the invaluable insights we gained from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors, which have significantly influenced our strategic direction. Additionally, the program helped us understand the world of venture capital and investments, which is crucial for us as a growing startup in the field of digital marketing.