Hlidacky.cz – StartupYard’s Company of the Week

You know the websites, but who are the people behind? We want you to get you to know who are the StartupYard Spring 2013 teams. Who’s gonna be the first? Petr Sigut and David Hrachovy and Hlidacky.cz/Jellysit.com.

Hlidacky.cz provides caring parents with a seamless, reliable and trustworthy babysitting service by enabling them to choose a profiled and recommended babysitter, book online within a minute, leave their kids in safe hands, relax.

You two are young, no kids in sight – how did you come up with the idea of Hlidacky?

PS: One morning I just realized that if my interest in girls will continue in the same way, statistically speaking I am going to have a kid one day. And I’m really bad at taking care of them and I do not want my future wife just locked up at home and tired of taking care of the kids. So my perfect future? Some super hot girl + me + many kids + awesome babysitting service, so she got time for me. That’s why I am building Hlidacky.cz:). Moreover, the babysitters are a cool segment, definitely more interesting than making something for programers for example:)

Trustworthiness of your service is obviously a huge issue. How are you going to tackle it?

PS: We are designing a tool for parents to find a reliable babysitter as fast and simple as possible. This is a challenge for us since we know that children are the most precious thing in parents’ life. Thus, we would like to offer maxium trust to parents we are capable of.

We do background checks for example – we meet babysitters personally, check their ID and talk to them to make sure they are safe and reliable. To make it more scalable we are thinking of a third party service to do the verification for us.

Parents usually want good references before they hire a babysitter so we show reviews on the babysitter from existing parent users. If 10 parents say the babysitter is great, you can be pretty sure the babysitter will do a good job. On top of that, we can recommend you babysitters trusted by your friends, thanks to Facebook.

From the profile itself, parents can see how well a babysitter is suited for their kids.  Does she have pedagogical education? Can she manage small boys? Does she have exeperience with asthma? All these things can help parents choose a babysitter that works the best for them.

We are also experimenting with other possibilities – insurance for parents, a web camera so that they see what is happening at home and so on.

Who is your entrepreneurial guru and why?

PS: To be perfectly honest, I really do not have knowledge about famous startup entrepreneurs, I had to look up who Steve Blank was, since everybody was talking about him here:) Anyway, I really like how Time Ferris does business.

DH: I like Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, and Steve Jobs for their awesome presentation skills. I can spend hours watching them! Another man I like is Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, Tesla Motors co-founder. Smart as Iron Man, doing cool things like manufacturing electric cars and planning trip to Mars.

Look at Hlidacky.cz presentation

Welcome 6 New Teams for 2013 Spring Program

It’s been long. A long selection process, 6 weeks. But we’re proud now to announce 6 amazing teams. We accepted applications from 12 countries and selected 6 startups from 5 countries. The third cohort begins their 6-month acceleration program on March 11 in Prague.

Who are our StartupYard Spring 2013 heroes?

We help parents meet the most reliable babysitters. Hlidacky.cz operates in the Czech Republic now.
Co-founders: David Hrachovy, Petr Sigut and Vaclav Kuna (Czech Republic)
Web: www.hlidacky.cz

HowDoI Tutorials
Interactive tool for website owners to create tutorials and guides in a few minutes.
Co-founders: Lukas Haraga, Jiri Otahal and Michal Pustka (Czech Republic)


Web: www.howdoitutorials.com

Step-By-Step Startup Guide with action items that will help entrepreneurs get their startup from idea, to product, to traction, and to funding.
Co-founders: Edward Liu and Yitao Sun (USA)
Web: www.startitup.co

Event travel made easy. It helps visitors of concerts, festivals and conferences to plan their trips.
Co-founders: Valentin Dombrovsky, Vitaliy Korobkin and Denis Volkov (Russia)
Web: www.travelatus.com

The essential career tool for professional fine artists, keep portfolios and CVs up-to-date with ease.
Co-founders: Abe Han and Patrick Urwyler (Canada, Switzerland)
Web: www.works.io

Yummy Food Delivery
How to eat healthy at your desk. Its focus is B2B delivery.
Co-founders: Kristina Sediva and Tomas Netrval (Czech Republic)
Facebook page Yummy Food Delivery