59 Bits of Accelerator Wisdom You Should Know

There are just a few days left to apply to StartupYard’s 10th acceleration round.

Usually at this point, we publish articles talking about the process of applying, how accelerators work, what to look for, etc. But since we’ve been doing this for 7 years… Well, it isn’t like we’ve run out of stuff to talk about, but we have said a lot of interesting things already.

This post is a guide to those smart things we’ve already said, around one central theme: Things You Should Know about Startup Acceleration.


 Think you’re too cool for school? Maybe you are. Find out whether you’re really “too mature” for an accelerator.

The 4 Ways Applications to StartupYard Fail, and How to Avoid Them  

Few people realize this in life, but individuals often fail not because their ideas are bad, but because of a lack of attention to detail. You can fix that in these 4 ways.

What It’s Like to Interview 40 Startups in 2 days  

Spoiler: it’s hard. But you can learn something from our many years of experience with first (and sometimes only) impressions.

8 Reasons Not to Join an Accelerator

A demotivational post for those looking for a reason not to give StartupYard a shot.

6 Tips For Finalists at StartupYard  

So you’ve made it past your call-in interview at StartupYard or somewhere else? You’re not done yet. Here’s how to prepare for the final selection.

6 Silly Startup Mistakes You Can Fix in 5 Minutes

Honestly, these are things you should have already done. But you haven’t, and we all just pretend it’s ok.

11 Things We Say All the Time to Startups

And why we say them. Some common and not so common sense that StartupYard dispenses near daily.

What It’s Like to Select Startups for An Accelerator

Finally, what it’s really like to choose between hundreds of applicants to StartupYard, and how we really make the decisions we do. Hint: it’s not because of the size of your market opportunity.