60 Teams Have Applied for StartupYard 2014

After 10 intense weeks, we closed our applications last Friday at midnight.

60 different teams have applied to our program. About 60% of the applications are coming from outside the Czech Republic from countries as far as India, Brazil or the USA.  Some of the projects look extremely exciting and we are very glad they decided to apply to our program. It’s going to be a fantastic multicultural group who will join us this Spring and this should make the whole StartupYard experience an even better one for everybody involved.

But we’re not there yet. Not everybody will join of course and not all the projects will be selected.

Only 10% of the applicants will join us and we have already started our evaluation process and will keep you, dear Reader, inform on the progress as we get to know them better and understand what their visions are. The difficult task of making a choice is now upon us. Stay tuned!