Matthew Gertner

Matthew Gertner

Founder and CEO at Salsita Software

Data Analysis


Machine Learning

Matthew founded Salsita in 2010, as an offshoot of his software consulting work for major corporations like Yahoo, VMWare and Mozilla. Before Salsita, Matthew led the development of a Mozilla Labs project called Prism (later WebRunner), a “single-site browser” that enabled users to turn web apps into desktop apps with a single click. Prior to his work on Prism, Matthew was the co-founder and CTO of AllPeers, a venture-funded startup that developed a Firefox extension for creating private peer-to-peer sharing networks. As one of the most ambitious and technically sophisticated browser extensions of its time, AllPeers won awards from prestigious publications such as PC World, Wired and CNet and was heralded by TechCrunch as the “killer app” for Firefox.

Matthew was born in England and raised in Connecticut. He graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and now lives in Prague with his wife and daughter.