StartupYard Partners with Rebel & Glory for Post-Acceleration Marketing and Sales Program

StartupYard now accelerates between 7-10 companies every 6 months. And yet our team has remained the same size.

Unlike other accelerators, which have often expanded quickly to cover more of the lifecycle of a tech startup, or more markets, StartupYard has chosen to focus primarily on what we do best, and to keep doing it better. We find promising startups, we accelerate them, and we help them navigate post-acceleration life, until they don’t need us anymore.

Bringing Big Guns to StartupYard Alumni

But we are not enough. Our startups are operating at the cutting edge, and need big guns when it comes to communicating and selling their new approaches to big problems. Even the best ideas don’t sell themselves: they have to be backed up with experience, with a network, and with a deep talent pool.

Imagine if every startup that deserved the help of a pro business partner actually got it. Today, a needless gap exists between those startups that deserve help and can’t afford it, and those who can.

At the same time, Rebel & Glory is eager to apply their talents and knowledge to cutting edge technologies, and cooperate with promising startups. As the CEE region continues to lag behind in terms of access to marketing and sales talent, companies like this can help bridge the gap between early/growth-stage startups, and those with the money and connections to attract top global talent.

Our startups are a special group, hand-picked and proven to be risk-taking, ambitious, hard-working, and smart. So to us, providing the opportunity for our startups to take advantage of the talent and experience at Rebel & Glory, something outside startups do not have the opportunity to do, is a natural step.

Rebel & Glory will give StartupYard companies access to talent that normally only big companies can afford.

Rebel & Glory’s Exclusive Post-Acceleration Program For SY Alumni

For these reasons, StartupYard is announcing an exclusive partnership with the cutting-edge creation group Rebel & Glory. The partnership will allow exclusive access for our portfolio companies to packaged services from Rebel & Glory, spanning every aspect of branding and marketing strategy, content creation, and advertising.

Rebel and Glory

Rebel & Glory will offer StartupYard companies 3 key services: product development, branding and digital marketing, and talent delivery. Thus, not only can a StartupYard company work with Rebel & Glory to build its brand, but it can also explore new product opportunities, and gain the talent necessary to execute ambitious plans.

“We Exist to Build A Bright Future for Brands”

Rebel & Glory’s special expertise is high tech digital content design and creation. They are deeply experienced in creating powerful, appealing brand and product stories supported by top-notch creative work. Some of their business partners have included Nissan, Lufthansa, KB Bank, and Regency.

The agency also does amazing post-production work for film and television, as well as online advertising. They have a showreel on their website.