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And the Winner Is… Demo Day

It was a crazy Monday. June 3rd. A part of Prague was flooded, we had to decide for go or no go for Demo Day on Tuesday. We did it and 200 attendees prepared a great evening to our 6 teams and judges. Thank you.

And the Winner Is

The crowd voted for the best pitch and the People’s Choice went to AirCharts.co. 2 team members will be attending Pioneers Festival in Vienna.


The judges – Peter FabianAmit PaunikarMichael Schuster and Michal Truban – had a tough time to choose the best team … Hlidacky.cz, because: “”Hlidacky.cz provides a clear solution with the most potential of success given incremental direction and guidance and investment. The business model has been proven in other markets. They did really good job of explaining the problem and its nuances (parents/friends not always available, trustworthy service – an absolute must). And for obvious desire to succeed which became apparent during Q&A (“we tried this, did not work, so we tried something else” – profiles => video profiles => friends) – they’re working on the product layer by layer.” 2 team members will be exhibiting at Startup Alley and attending TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.


All stuff from Demo Day (video, presentations, photos) is available at www.demoday.cz.