Cedric Maloux

Cedric Maloux

CEO, StartupYard

Product Marketing


Business Strategy

For the past 20 years I have been running Internet startups during good and bad times of the Internet economy. I excel at tuning business plans, defining product and market entry strategy, positioning, psychology, and e-business models.

I boot-strapped one company and sold it, saved 2 companies from bankruptcy and raised Series-A funding with Index Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners. I also slept on Mike Arrington’s sofa during the early days of TechCrunch which only means that all the other rooms were taken.

I now manage StartupYard where I select and later mentor teams on a daily basis. During my free time I promote my Poker Bankroll Management application for iphone, my on-demand photo-retouching app as well as my wine pairing app.