News of the Week, April 23

What’s up at StartupYard and Central Europe.

News of the Week


StartupYard alumnus Brand Embassy is the only Czech based company chosen as a 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe! Do you want to find out how to build reliable cloud applications? We are hosting an event with Netflix Director of Cloud Solutions next Tuesday. There are only a few tickets left

What’s going on at StartupYard

We all have brought our companies to the user testing stage! StartitUp threw their first webinar with Ash Maurya. After having seen over 70 mentors, we are in the midst of business skills seminars and workshops, some of which are open to public. Spring finally arrived to Prague and we gladly moved our regular beer gatherings into the open air.


What’s going in the region 

StartupDigest for CZ events
upcoming Startup Live events
26/4 International Startups Meetup (Bratislava, SK)
13-14/5 EBAN Annual Congress and Awards (Vienna, AT)
14/5 Heureka (Berlin, D)
16/5 Capital On Stage (Berlin, D)
23-24/5 Shift (Split, HR)
31/5-2/6 Webinale Connect (Berlin, D)
3-4/6 DEMO Europe (Moscow, RU)
3-5/6 Webinale (Berlin, D)
13-16/6 Startup Island (Hvar, HR)
24-25/6 bitspiration (Krakow, PL)

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Do you know artists who are not fond of technology? Yeah, there’re many. We met two guys a few months ago who want to turn artists’ unappreciation of technology into ‘like’. The Canadian and the Swiss are building ‘LinkedIn + IMDB’ for contemporary artists, enabling them to keep portfolios and CVs up-to-date with ease.

How did you two guys get together?

AH: We first met when we were trying to take over the world – on a hilltop in a Budapest park, playing “Risk”. Actually, Patrick won.

How did you come up with the idea for 

PU: Abe’s wife is an artist and I am a gallery owner –  it was just about scratching our own itches, or even more urgent, a wife’s itch.

Where do you see yourselves in 2 years from now? 

AH: Only a few of months ago, I never would have imagined that I would move to Prague with my family, and be working full time on my own startup. I have no idea where I’ll be in 2 years, and actually like it that way 🙂

PU: Running a successful Gallery that naturally implements into the daily business – since it became the standard for contemporary art.

Who are your favourite artists and why? 

AH: Marina Abramovic, because she does more than create art, she also inspires and enables other creators. (check out this new initiative: ). Yoko Ono, because she is just so honest in her life and work. She is also accessible; just ask her a question and she’ll answer it. Every friday. (check answers here)

PU: just check


StartitUp – StartupYard’s Company of the Week

One month down in Spring 2013 StartupYard program and some projects have great traction. Look at and Ed with Yitao, co-founders. is a step-by-step startup guide with action items based on the Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, and startup secrets from experts. The mission of StartitUp is to create a virtual incubator/accelerator that helps startups build, grow, and excel.

How did you two guys get together?

YS: Ed was managing my brother at Groupon.  He mentioned that Ed was looking for a co-founder to work on some cool projects, and the two of us should meet.  So we met in a coffeeshop and talked for 3 hours one night.

How did you come up with the idea of your guide? 

EL: We were working on a project just before this, and while we were brainstorming on what we needed to do next. I had all my bookmarks and notes out, and I realized that it’d be great if there was a guide that had all the best information organized in a way that startups could just follow and get the best results.

Where do you see yourselves in 2 years from now? 

EL: Doing startup education and helping startups succeed. Making a bunch of money while I’m at it.

YS: Running the technical arm a profitable enterprise.

What do you do in your free time? 

EL: Watch movies, play computer games, read novels, and work.

YS: I play basketball and video games when I’m by myself.  I also like to cook with my wife.