Meet Boom’n’rank: the Content Recommendation Engine

You heard it all before, online, content is king but how can you consistently come up with fresh, relevant and optimized content ideas? This is the idea behind Boom’n’rank, a content recommendation engine which generates topic ideas, headlines, and SEO advice for anyone who needs to produce content to attract visitors to their websites.

The founders of Boom’n’rank are no strangers to online content having been recognized search engine optimisation consultants for more than 10 years with clients like Avast, Regiojet, Lifefood and Albixon. We sat down with Martin Kura, co-founder and CEO of Boom’n’rank to learn more about his vision for the future of content online and how Boom’n’rank can help companies produce content that earns them money.

Hi Martin! As one of the two Czech team in Batch 11, you probably knew more about the program than your fellow participants. How has the experience of the accelerator matched up with your expectations so far?

I knew just a little more than my fellow startupers from abroad, and the only thing I could imagine that the program was going to be challenging as hell. And that has proved to be true, so yes, it has been up to expectations.

What prompted you to start developing Boom’n’rank? What did you see as fundamentally wrong with the way companies work with their content online right now?

As an SEO company, we worked with a lot of clients in very competitive markets. Especially the U.S. is a very saturated market, so we couldn’t just write ‘some’ content and wait what would happen. We did very thorough research and we tried to produce better content than the client’s competitors. And it worked. The first ever piece of content I personally created in that manner was The 56-Step International SEO Checklist. I haven’t touched it for four years and it still ranks for international SEO checklist.

There is no fundamental problem, but users are becoming more picky about what content they want to consume. Let me ask you a question: what have you read recently? Did you read the whole thing or did you just scan it briefly? Exactly. That’s why thorough planning will sooner or later become an essential part of content production.

Then there’s the problem or ‘running out of topics’. People often think of content as either a way of entertaining their readers, or, in contrast, a way just to promote their products. They often forget that before a user buys a product or a service, they go through multiple stages. I recently bought noise cancelling headphones that I’m really happy with, but before I made that buying decision, I actually consumed quite a lot of content. I googled some information about noise cancelling and its parameters (how do noise cancelling headphones work) then I learned about active noise control, which I then googled to get more information (active noise control headphones comparison), after which I decided not to buy earbuds (active noise control on ear headphones) and then, after choosing a specific brand, I searched for jbl noise cancelling headphones review. At the end I went for the best deals (JBL Live 650BTNC headphones price comparison) and then I bought it. I visited like nine different websites out of which three actually hooked me up with their remarketing. So on that example you see there is a lot of potential where you can meet your prospect by creating useful content and it actually turns into sales.


Since everything is about content nowadays, who do you think is the ideal customer for Boom’n’rank?

It’s a company in a competitive industry, which produces a lot of content and it’s their main source for marketing acquisition. Say, an e-commerce company that wants to become a market leader. It could also very well be a tech company with some unique knowledge, who wants to disrupt a niche industry. Boom’n’rank gives you the opportunity to make your way to the top by simply planning and structuring your content better. When you produce the best content out there, you have good chances to beat market leaders who sleep at the wheel.

We also want to approach travel companies because in travel, users are used to consume quite a lot of content and travel companies must therefore create a lot of content to stay in the game. They often struggle to come up with new ideas that might interest their audience and also create meaningful content that brings results. I saw a family-run hotel business producing five blog articles per week but only 5 articles in total (!) were driving some web traffic. That is a lot of missed opportunities.

In the six months horizon, we’ll probably go in the direction of medical products, since medicine and medical supplements is the most problematic industry when it comes to paid advertising. And there are tons of opportunities for good content, either by answering people’s medical questions online, talking about natural ingredients and natural remedies etc.

And of course, we’d like to partner with marketing and PR agencies who want to get more visibility on the content they are currently producing.

Your team comes from the consulting world. What have been your biggest personal or professional challenges in switching from consulting to building a SaaS product?

There are still challenges and we expect this to be the hardest step for us to make. It’s like landing an Antonov plane – you know where the controls are, you know how to set flaps and speed breaks, but it’s still a huge plane to land. We have completely changed our product strategy. Boom’n’rank is now the product number one, and all other services are complementary to it. In other words, it’s all about content marketing now. My biggest personal challenge is to let go of quality control obsession and move to a good enough attitude every startup should have. I think all former consultants have to deal with these kinds of problems.

The Boom’n’rank team

Is Boom’n’rank available now? What do people need to get started with your service?

At the moment it’s not publicly available. The fastest way to start using Boom’n’Rank is by subscribing for an early access. Go to, put in your email address and we’ll let you know when it’s ready… But hey, by the Demo Day we’ll have a functional UI.

What are you trying to accomplish with Boom’n’rank that you think no other platform has been able or willing to do?

There are two types of marketing tools. Complex tools like Google Analytics or Ahrefs give you a lot of data, but at the end, one can get easily overwhelmed by them. The other type of tools such as Neil Patel or SEMrush are quite user friendly, but it still takes some time to figure out what your next steps should be.

Boom’n’Ranks goes even further. It gives you easy to follow advice, not just data. The advice is in the form of an editorial plan. We really want to make a marketer’s life easier, not harder.

Can you tell us a bit more about how your technology really works?

Sure. It’s actually pretty simple. For your topic you’re currently preparing content for, we find competitor posts that are already successful. Then we look at the parameters like keywords, length, readability, post types and so on. Based on the data, we calculate what you need to do in order for your content to reach the same potential as your competitors have. You can then download an editorial plan with all important benchmarks in one place.

What has surprised you the most over the years when working with your clients and their online content strategy?

I’m an open-minded person, so I’m not surprised by anything. What I like about my work, though, is that I never feel bored. One time you get to help a family-run hotel business in the mountains writing about ski trails in German, another time you take part in producing an article about cybersecurity and ransomware in French. I’m constantly learning new things which actually satisfies my endless curiosity.