Liva Judic

Liva Judic

Founder at Merrybubbles Communications


Public and Press Relations

International Expansion

Liva is a financial journalist turned entrepreneur, after also having served as a diplomat. Born in Madagascar, her DNA mixes Asia, Africa and Pacific Islands; she was educated in Europe and lived and worked across 4 continents. This matters because her expertise is rooted in her own experience: understanding the workings of new markets new challenges, being able to communicate efficiently and connect emotionally with foreign counterparts by telling compelling stories that resonate with all audiences. That’s Liva’s thing.
Ten years ago, she founded a leadership coaching firm to support executives from the public and private sectors in growing their businesses and improving the performance of their organizations. In 2010, she started Merrybubbles Communications to help fuel the fire for technology startups wanting to expand internationally. Liva lives in Miami Beach and shuttles between there, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Berlin.