Petr Koutny

Petr Koutny




Business Strategy

Petr is a CEO and co-owner of BSC, an international banking software company, a provider of digital banking applications for financial institutions worldwide. After making BSC a leader in omnichannel banking in Europe, his team expanded the company to Asia and the most recently to the USA. Petr has been working in banking since 1993. Internet banking system built on Java was the topic of his thesis already in 1997, which was the first system of its kind on the market by then. This product became later the base of award-winning myGEMINI platform – flagship product of BSC. Petr had been working on several technical, sales, and management posts until 2007 when he became CEO and co-owner of BSC. Petr graduated at Czech Technical University as a software engineer and his focus today is mainly in the field of banking, B2B business and international expansion. He’s keen on new technologies, a fan of home automation and an active sportsman.