Petr Ocasek

Petr Ocasek

Co-founder & CEO at Angelcam

Early-Stage Startups


Business Strategy

Peter is founder and CEO at Angelcam (reinventing security and building a global and open platform for incident verification, response and investigation), co-founder of startup accelerator StartupYard and incubator Node5. On a volunteering basis he works as a mentor and consultant, especially for b2b start-ups and universities. He has experience as networking events organizer, lecturer or moderator. His hobbies include self-education, sports, taking care of his kids and criticism of others people businesses :o)

• Business strategy
• Visionary and product management
• Customer happiness
• Innovation and Knowledge management
• Event management

• Management, Marketing, PR
• Web software, Web architecture, Webdesing, Webhosting .. “e-business & Web 2.0”
• Hardware, Linux, Networks
• Academic scope

• Entrepreneur point of view
• Customer perspective
• Facility and writing skills
• Building and managing networks and communities