The StartupYard Big Book of Pitching

Pitching is a mix of storytelling, sales, performance art, and a type of cold reading. So we’re going to begin at the beginning. Here are some pieces we have done on the core skills you need to build and give a great pitch.

Telling a good story is hard to do. That being said, it’s not that complicated either.

In these posts, you’ll find a clear presentation of these simple principles, and why they matter in telling your story:

  • The Hero’s Journey – the world’s favorite story
  • Imperfect Characters – Why everyone loves Iron Man
  • How to Really Change – Why no one loves Mr. Perfect
  • Plot and Setting – Setting up the stakes for your story
  • Conflict – Making people care what happens
  • Arc Building – Why the story matters to you and me

What is Good Storytelling? Part One & Part 2

The Positioning Statement: A Window Into the Mind

Positioning happens before anything else. It’s the bedrock of your pitch. This post gives you a basic grounding in how product positioning works, and why you have to do it first. Learn how to start with this simple tool to build an incredible pitch:

Product Positioning Statement:

(Our Product) is for (target customers):

Who (have the following problem):

Our product is a (describe the product or solution):

That provides (cite the breakthrough capability):

Unlike (reference competition):

Our product/solution (describe the key point of competitive differentiation):