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StartupYard Triples Seed Investments to €30,000; €250,000 For Best Startups

Tech entrepreneurs have until Dec 15th to apply for our 5th round

The StartupYard team is pleased and excited to announce that our 5th accelerator round is officially set to kick off in early 2015. To cap off a really exciting year in 2014, in which we relaunched the accelerator with our new Director, Cedric Maloux, and accelerated some awesome teams (more on them later), while seeing other alumni reach new heights of success, this 5th round will be our biggest to date.

We think so.

Spend 3 Months in the Heart of Europe, kicking your Startup into high-gear.


Build Your Dream Startup With Us: Applications Now Open

We are now accepting applications. The last date to apply is December 15th, but don’t wait! Apply right now, and maximize your opportunity to get to know us at StartupYard, and for us to get to know you and your team. We love questions from potential applicants, and there’s nothing we’d rather do than start talking to as many of you as we can right now, so we urge you to get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, or by Email  or even come and see us in person: we’ll be at several events in the next month.



Data, Analytics, and Mobile


Our focus this round will be on projects in Data, Analytics, and Mobile, and we expect to see a broad range of projects and teams in these categories.

We’ll accept 10 qualified teams. Your Startups will be accepted on the strength of your ideas, which may be in various stages of development, or exist only on paper, and the strength of your team. Are you enthusiastic? Are you a leader? Are you slightly crazy, but in a good way? If your idea is crazy enough that it just might work, you’ll be invited to join us. You will receive €30,000 seed investments for a 10% stake, and will spend 3 months in Prague. We’ll help you incorporate, refine your pitch, go through intensive mentorship with our amazing mentors, motivate you to prepare to launch your business, all of it culminating in a major Demo Day, where entrepreneurs where you’ll pitch to investors directly. StartupYard expects at least 150 qualified startup teams to apply, So don’t wait.

Get to the Money!


How are we able to triple our seed investments to €30,000 Euros, while keeping our equity terms the same as they’ve been from the start? For most of the last year, StartupYard has been cooperating in what is now called CEED Tech, a consortium of Central European Accelerators. Together, the CEED Tech Accelerators have now secured €5 Million in grants from the European Commission, to be directly invested in newly forming tech startups. These funds will be combined with private equity, allowing us to offer applying teams much more capital, for the same terms as we’ve had in the past.

Follow-up Investments


Not only this, but the terms of the EC grant allow us to invest up to €250,000 more in those companies that show exceptional promise through StartupYard’s program. This is going to make investing in StartupYard companies even more attractive for our affiliated angels and seed investors, and give our best projects even more potential runway for their projects, meaning they’ll be able to secure better terms, have more time to seek investment after the program, and will be able to inspire confidence with investors from the get go. All amazing news for anyone who wants to kick off a project with us this year.

Apply Early, And Start Getting Ready Now

The sooner you complete your application, the sooner we can start to get to know you and your team, as you prepare to join us in Prague, in March 2015. So Apply Right Now! What do you have to lose? By not applying, you stand to lose €30,000 and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build your dream startup.