Zuzana Nehajova

Zuzana Nehajova

Innovation Center Leader at EY

Government Policy


European Policy and Government

Zuzana Nehajova is InnovEYtion Center Leader at EY in Prague. The InnovEYtion Center’s purpose is to act as a bridge between the traditional and the innovative, the established and the disruptors. They assist in guiding cities and companies through the hasty times of disruptive innovation by recognizing these tumultuous developments as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Moreover, they develop new ways of financing innovation through a variety of national, regional and EU sources. They encourage an Open Innovation Model to accelerate developments across all fronts of this newly wielded knowledge economy.

Previous to EY, Zuzana worked with the European Commission at the Directorate of Trade, and in the Ministry of Finance in Slovakia, helping the Slovak government to define a road forward for technological and business innovation.