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AirCharts.co – StartupYard’s Company of the Week

“It is much easier to be disappointed in the first month than the second year.” This is the opinion of Aircharts.co’s founders from Moravian New Jersey. They made U-turn and pivoted in first month of the company. Meet Aircharts.co, in-page analytics, the solution for analysts to immediately get the metrics on his/her website.


Lukas Haraga and Jiri Otahal after their pivot.

How did you three guys get together?

LH: I was trying to get a part-time developer for one of my previous projects so I put an ad on the VUT Brno portal. Jirka was actualy the only guy who had responded :-). We met in a restaurant and I realized he is someone I’d like to work with on a long-term basis. And he proved it was a good bet. It was quite the same with Michal who I met when he was on the high school. After a while I came with HowDoI Tutorials idea and brought both guys to work on it.

JO: Apparently nobody but me saw a potential in Luky when his ad appeared in our school portal :-).

MP: I met Lukas on 2010. I was studying second year on the high school and I was bored. I needed some activity and my classmate Kristian Holub gave me a contact to Lukas who was looking for someone to cooperate with on his project. Later, as we started to work on HowDoI Tutorials I met Jiri.

How did you come up with the idea of your in-page analytics?

LH: The first weeks in the StartupYard were quite busy. We met tons of mentors and they were giving us various feedback. We started to realize that HowDoI Tutorials is a nice technology but not nice enough to sell it in a ways we wanted. Milos Endrle, one of the mentors, was the one who wasn’t so passionate about the HowDoI Tutorials so we started to brainstorm how to make it more attractive. Our thoughts went to the analytics – if you’ll show the tutorials, the customer would want to see the stats anyway. And then the bulb just light up and idea of the Aircharts was born.

You pivoted so soon. Why?

LH: According to the previous answer we started to pitch HowDoI Tutorials and Aircharts as well. The feedback we were getting was “Aircharts positive” – we realized the potential of the Aircharts is bigger than HowDoI Tutorials. It wasn’t an easy decision but we are convinced it was the right one.

Where do you see yourselves in 2 years from now?

LH: Standing in front of the StartupYard 2015 teams and giving them “lessons learned” :-). Besides this we want to bring a fresh air to the analytics world – make what GPS did with the paper maps navigation industry and set new way how all web analytics data will be provided to the users… using aircharts.

JO: I just hope I won’t think about this question anymore 🙂

MP: I believe Airchars will be successful, the Internet business is growing and analysis is more and more necessary. I hope at least I will graduate from college :-).

What do you do in your free time?

LH: I am a scout leader so I love nature, hiking, camping. I also try to keep my body in shape by playing badminton at least once a week. But in summer it is my small convertible car what makes me really happy :-).

JO: I like to play football, play with my camera and a lot of time I spend with my girlfriend.

MP: I spend my free time by developing, bicycling, watching TV shows and with my girlfriend :-). I like the mountain biking as well.