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What Are You Working On…?


We’re looking for the craziest, most ambitious projects having to do with the manipulation of large clusters of Data.

Be one of them.


Do you have a new, unique way of making sense out of Data? We have a few GBytes of data for you to play with.

Use our Data Sandbox.


Have you developed a new uber clever mobile app to complete, or compete with, the big boys?

Tell us about it.

Roman Stanek

The beauty of an open platform is that it encourages innovation and fresh ideas. We are excited to collaborate with some of the smartest, most creative teams in Europe as they build incredible data products.

Roman StanekFounder & CEOGoodData
Pavel Zima

We are partly opening our full text search to teams from all over Europe because we believe the data can help the teams come up with very useful ideas. We hope new projects, for example media monitoring, predictive marketing tools etc., will come to life next spring.

Pavel ZimaGeneral ManagerSeznam.cz

learn from 90+ technical and business specialists

Our mentors come from all over the world, and now live and work in Europe- many of them in beautiful Prague, Capital of The Czech Republic. Together they represent about 1,500 years worth of experience managing companies, projects and teams in the areas of Data, Search and Analytics. They are current and former partners of the biggest names in the modern tech and search business, including Google, Yahoo, Seznam, IBM, Softlayer, GoodData.

Throughout the first month of the program, startups spend a considerable amount of time with mentors, quickly tapping into years worth of experience and qualified feedback from passionate, articulate experts.

A Few of Our Accelerator Alumni

Growth Hacking

How can you grow your userbase to 100,000 users in 3 months? We’ll teach you technics and show you analytical tools you can use to better improve your retention rates.

  • A/B Testing: You’ll learn how to test multiple homepages in real-time and optimise your funnel.
  • UI/UX Workshops: You don’t have to be the world’s premier designer to avoid typical mistakes and learn how to make User Interfaces that work simply, beautifully, and clearly.
  • Community Management: Find out what it takes to create a community of your own, and how to use it to grow an outstanding and rich userbase.
  • Copywriting: You’ll learn the tricks of the trade, and how to use them; how to make your website and its content shine with fluidity and clarity.
  • SEO: You’ll practice effective methods for researching and optimising your site for keywords, triggering results that will bring you new streams of traffic.

How does it work?

StartupYard is a seed accelerator for technology startups. Our goal is to help companies build viable products, launch fast and successfully raise capital. We do our best to follow philosophy, methodology and standard of world-class accelerators such as Y Combinator or TechStars.

Our efforts were awarded by membership in the Global Accelerator Network in June 2012. Since September 2011 we have opened our doors to 29 companies, out of which 4 were acquired. 6 no longer exist. The 19 remaining are still active.

Phase 1, Month 1.  “The Direction”

Phase 1 of the program is designed to ensure company is targeting the right market, with the right products.

Phase 2, Month 2.  “Execute”

Weeks 5-8 are all about executing on your vision. Heads down! It’s time to deliver the goods. You can expect sleepless nights of coding, plenty of coffee, and some of the best work you will ever do. 

Phase 3, Month 3.  “The Pitch”

We spend the final phase of the program focused on the fundraising pitch. Be ready to pitch as you breath!

  • Submit Application

    You have until December 15th 2014 at midnight (GMT) to submit your detailed application. Study what you need to prepare and don’t wait for the last minute! Only projects related to Data, Analytics and Mobile will be evaluated. The clock is ticking.

  • Be invited to the program

    After carefully evaluating the applications and interviewing applicants, we will invite the 10 most promising teams to Prague.

    Time to get serious and realistic.

  • Spend 3 months in Prague

    These will be the most exhilarating months of your life. You’ll be working better and harder than ever before. You’ll earn from experts and investors how to turn your idea into a business. Individually, face-to-face, you’ll get hands-on advice on how to grow. You will receive FREE access codes to multiples online services including AWS, Seznam, SoftLayer, Google, RackSpace, for a total value of €250,000.

    Time to go all out.

  • Demo Day

    The culmination of the program is the Demo Day presentation for investors, mentors, bloggers, and journalists, where you will present your growing business and attract attention and investment from some of the top Business Angels and VCs in Europe.

    Time to really shine. You’ll earn it.

Data, Analytics, Mobile

Beginning in 2014, StartupYard specializes in each new batch of startups it accelerates. This allows startup founders to work alongside other teams in the same field, and share knowledge and nurture potential cooperation on various levels.

This year our focus is on projects dedicated to Data, Analytics and Mobile. We want ambitious and whip-smart founders with a strong vision and the ability to execute, leveraging the full strength of the resources we’ll provide. We are particularly interested in projects involved with the following areas:

  • Web and Social Media Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Prediction Algorithms
  • Web Mining
  • Analytics in Health
  • Finance and E-commerce
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business-to-business Projects

What our Alumni say about us

Valentin Dombrovsky

StartupYard was an amazing experience for the Travelatus team – we had the chance to live and to work in the Czech Republic and the accelerator team made this work really enjoyable for us. The atmosphere in the accelerator really drives you forward and makes you think about making great things everyday. Besides motivation you get mentorship and I think that it’s really valuable when you get smart people talking with you about your start up and providing valuable advice.

Valentin DombrovskyCo-FounderTravelatus
Jiri Kopsa

Joining StartupYard was a defining moment for our company. It connected us with investors and customers, the great package of useful perks lasted more than a year and the relationships with nice StartupYard folks will hopefully last decades. 2 years after graduation, StartupYard is still with us, helping us to grow. Having the same opportunity, I would definitely sign up again!

Jiri KopsaCo-FounderTapomat
Adam Kurzok

StartupYard gave me a chance to confront my business thinking with many persons, I would have never met on my own. But it is not only about talking –  after a successful demo day, I received 3 offers for investment.

Adam KurzokFounderPizzatime / DameJidlo
Vit Horky

StartupYard helped us to re-think, re-work and kick-off Brand Embassy. We met many invaluable people that have been supporting us since then to our international expansion and building a globally unique next-level customer care tool.

Vit HorkyCo-founderBrand Embassy


Our home in Prague

source: TechSquare, photo: Jan Nechvile

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You have until December 15th 2014 at midnight (GMT) to submit your detailed application.