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StartupYard was a super­ important turning point in the journey of TeskaLabs and in my life. Simply put, there would be no TeskaLabs without StartupYard.

Ales Teska
Ales TeskaFounder and CEO, TeskaLabs

Building a company from nothing is a great undertaking in life. And I am so glad now that we didn’t choose to do it alone. StartupYard has been with us 100% along the way.

Mergim Cahani
Mergim CahaniFounder and CEO, Gjirafa.com

“The process of mentoring brought us a humility that served us down the road in building this company. We wouldn’t have learned this attitude without StartupYard.”

Petr Vankat
Petr VankatFounder, Salutara

“It’s not about dreams, it’s about vision. StartupYard helped us to find a path– a way to make our vision a reality.”

Pavel Konecny
Pavel KonecnyFounder and CEO, Neuron Soundware

“3 months at StartupYard is like 3 years in normal time. We transformed as a company in a way I didn’t expect.”

Jan Muller
Jan MullerFounder, BudgetBakers


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