StartupYard at Bulgaria Web Summit, April 18, 2015

Bulgaria Web Summit, the 11 year-running, not for profit conference for startups and web companies, has invited me, Lloyd Waldo, as a speaker this year.

The summit, a unique event in the region, bills itself as the antidote to expensive, boring conferences, and focuses on the open source, locally grown Bulgarian tech ecosystem. Though this is my first trip to Bulgaria on behalf of StartupYard, our ties to the region include mentor Rumen Iliev, and workshop host and resident growth hacker Bogomil Shopov, one of the event’s organizers, and a friend of StartupYard.

My talk will be titled: “Positioning and Story: Copywriting For Startups,” and it will focus on topics, I have covered on this blog extensively.

Why Is StartupYard Interested in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria’s rapidly developing tech ecosystem is an interesting place on its own. But over the past year, StartupYard has seen some very exciting startups from the area. During our current selections, we’ve talked to several Bulgarian startups, and have been impressed with their enthusiasm, their candor, and their willingness to tackle big ideas in new ways. Not only is the open-source community very strong in Sofia and across the country, but the mentality of modern day entrepreneurship permeates the region. Last year, for example, StartupYard accelerated Gjirafa, a burgeoning player and competitor with Google in the search market of Albania/Kosovo. Since then, our contacts with the region have only grown, and developments grown more interesting as well.

StartupYard is interested in the future of Startups in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and we believe that a base of talent, creative energy, and new ideas is growing in the region; developments which will benefit Central Europe, and provide fodder for great investments from StartupYard and all of our partners and investors.

I Look Forward to Meeting You

I hope to meet and exchange views with as many startupers and entrepreneurs in Bulgaria as possible. Especially for those that may be interested in finding more about StartupYard, I’d be happy to answer your questions, and give you an idea of what we do, and what we can do for you.  I hope that if you’re there, you’ll find me and say hello.